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Intensive PT

MTW proudly offers Physical Therapy Intensives

Utilizing DMI training and the principles of neuroplasticity, our PT intensives are crafted with your goals in mind.

Intensives are offered as 1, 2, or 3 week programs with each visit lasts up to 2 hours depending on how your child is responding to therapy.

Baby F

"A week after our PT intensive, I sent a picture to Dr. Cheyenne because our 9-month-old sat for 1 minute!"

Toddler O

"We are so blessed to be able to do multiple intensives with Dr. Cheyenne. The progress is astonishing."

Big Girl L

"It's crazy to see how working on standing has improved her head control in sitting."

Interested in Intensives?

Talk through all your options, discuss what progress is possible, and discuss the goals you have for your child.

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