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A pediatrician focuses on medical assessments, diagnosis, and medication interventions; a physical therapist well check focuses on a holistic approach to improve participation in activities at home, school, and in the community.

You get the opportunity to ask questions, review your baby's progress, go over any concerns, and learn new activities to help your child for an entire year.


We will be able to identify risk factors and potential medical issues so they are addressed them early. This sets your child up to have a solid foundation.

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  • 12 Mentorship Sessions
  • 4 Standardized Tests
  • Tailored Home Programming Monthly
  • Text access to Dr. Cheyenne
  • Covered fees for all in-person classes
  • Exclusive access to mini masterclasses
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: Access to "Take the Monster out of Milestones"
  • The first visit we'll discuss 
    • a pregnancy, labor, and delivery history
    • medical history and any diagnosis
    • current abilities and concerns
  • Each follow up visit includes: 
    • testing to identify any new concerns and monitor growth and movement
    • activity and exercise prescriptions to reach milestones
    • referrals to other specialists if needed

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Monthly well visits is an important part of shifting the paradigm of physical therapy care from reaction to prevention.

Why wait until something is wrong? Act before it becomes a problem.


This program is appropriate for all children regardless of their current abilities or medical conditions.

We love babies of all abilities and want to help you help them.

As a limited time bonus, you get FULL access to the online course at NO extra fee.

"Take the Monster out of Milestones"

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