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Are you curious or concerned about developmental milestones?

I’ve got you.

“Take the Monster out of Milestones” offers a dive into the world of milestones, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to foster optimal growth and development for your child.
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milestones pediatric physical therapy babies toddlers cheyenne allen
milestones pediatric physical therapy babies toddlers cheyenne allen


Do you want to know:

-how to help your child reach a particular milestone?

-when you should be concerned about your child not getting a skill?

-who to call when you have a question?

 You go to your baby's well check and given a paper that asks, "can your child do these things? "

You check "yes, no, sometimes" and start to panic at the amount of "no" marks.

You're out the door before you realize that no one mentioned the milestone check list.

so then you google it and freak out?


Am I right?

if you said yes, this course is for you.

What I made for you:

Short and concise video lessons sorted by age covering:

  • Milestone descriptions and their importance 
  • Activities to promote each milestone
  • Red flags that warrant a trip to the doctor

This exploration of milestones goes beyond a simple checklist.

Don't let google scare you. Don't let instagram hacks overwhelm you. Don't let the anxiety of meeting milestones over power the joy of watching your little one grow.


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Access to exclusive lists curated by a doctor of physical therapist. These cover everything from when to wear shoes and what shoes to buy, the best toys for each age and stage, what to do if your baby's head has a flat spot. All these to ensure you're well-prepared for each stage of your child's development.


Hear from a diverse panel of pediatric professionals who share their expertise and insights, providing valuable perspectives on various aspects of child development like speech and vision. Also included is a webinar from a dietician and  how to regulate the nervous system with a pediatric chiropractor.


Because I want you to be absolutely confident in your child's abilities- you will also receive a 30-minute consultation with the lead pediatric physical therapist via teletherapy. During this consultation, we will complete a gross motor checklist and discuss any concerns you have. That alone is worth $199!



I don't limit how long you have access to this course like other companies do.

I'll also give you access to new material.

This is yours forever.

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