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you know your baby best,


but looking at milestone checklists and comparing your child to others (even though you've tried your best not to) can create a new level of mom guilt that can become overwhelming.

Milestone's mission is to share our knowledge and expertise in pediatric physical therapy so that you, the parent, can be confident in providing your child developmentally appropriate activities from day one so they will reach milestones and surpass goals offering you peace of mind.

Our process is simple. We listen to your concerns, examine and test your child, then work together to create a plan to reach your goals without insurance restrictions

because you know your baby best.

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MTW offers specialized care in three main areas:

Tongue or Lip Tie

physical therapy can be critical for your baby if they have a tongue, lip, or cheek tie- before or after a release.

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Reaching Milestones

do you have concerns about your child meeting their milestones? Physical therapy can calm your nerves.

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PT Intensives

have you been looking for a DMI therapist? You've just found one. See which of our intensive model works for you.

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MTW provides online services too:

Milestones Minis

a 30 minute virtual consultation with the  therapist to answer your top concerns and give you specific exercises for your child.

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Milestones Monthly

a subscription service where you receive monthly evaluations and home programs from birth through walking.

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Milestones Course

a go at your pace online course that covers milestones, red flags, and activities for every month birth through two.

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