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PT for babies and toddlers

We provide pediatric physical therapy focusing on babies and toddlers in and around the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

Therapy treatments typically focus on children with a medical diagnosis like developmental delays, torticollis and plagiocephaly, genetic syndromes, neurological events, etc.

Wellness visits, online courses, and community events are designed to teach you how to encourage your child (with and without a medical diagnosis) to reach their gross motor milestones.

We work on improving your child's stability and mobility through increasing muscle strength, range of motion, and motor planning.

By working on these specific things, your child can learn how to hold their head up, enjoy tummy time, roll over, sit independently, learn to crawl, then start walking, climbing, and jumping.ย 

While we encourage them to reach their gross motor milestones like mentioned above,ย the goals we work on are based on what you set as their parent or caregiver.

you know your baby best,

and we are here to listen to your concerns, provide top of the line care, and customize treatments to your goals.

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