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Hi, I'm Cheyenne

Momma of Two
Pediatric Physical Therapist
Doctorate in Physical Therapy
Founder of Milestones Therapy + Wellness



After having a baby with an undetected diagnosis.

After being told to "wait and see"..

After being told NO by insurance...

I knew there had to be another way.

My gut was telling me she had a diagnosis that was affecting her ability to breastfeed as a newborn, it was causing tightness of her neck and shoulder muscles, and it could eventually cause a delay.

No one listened.

I knew there had to be another way.

I was convinced, so I took my then 1.5 year old to a therapist, paid for an evaluation, and was immediately told what I already knew: "she has a lip tie that needs to be surgically corrected. If this isn't fixed, it can cause delays in speech."

I knew it, and I found another way.

I trusted my "mom gut" about her having a diagnosis. I was frustrated because no one listened to my concerns. I was annoyed by the hurdles medical insurance created in getting her properly evaluated. Does this sound familiar? I think that’s why you’re here.

You knew there had to be another way, too.

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