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MTW doesn't want you to ever feel concerned about your baby.

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there's more milestones than what you see above.

head control, prop sit, ring sit, rocking, side sitting, propping on elbows, free standing, standing while reaching, squatting play, standing on one leg.

Do you know everything that your child should be doing?

Wondering if your little one is reaching their milestones on time?

Wondering what you can do to help your baby thrive?


 Milestones Mini is what you need.

30 minute consultation with our physical therapist
($145 value!)
Review a comprehensive gross motor checklist that's over 60 items
($100 value!)
Personalized Home Program based on their checklist
($79 value!)

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  • Standardized┬átesting
  • Gross motor Checklist
  • Exercises specific to your child's age
  • Activities list to reach the next milestone
  • Peace of mind, knowing you're doing the most for your baby.
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